Bring Peace Into
Your Life

Empowered by the cleansing jade stone

What concerns you the most lately?

- Stressed or anxious?

- Feel tired an lack of energy all the time?

- Having trouble sleeping?

- Feeling unlucky?

- Can't acheive your goals?

Our pyramids are not just beautifully designed home deco.

Each pyramid is hand-made with crystals which deters all the negative energy, and bless you with health, good fortune, and success.

What are your wishes?

Health & Balance
Protection & Peace
Luck & Success
Happiness & Confidence
Strength & Stability
Love & Loyalty

Our Orgonite are designed to foster happiness, health and prosperity and to help you manifest your dreams.


Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Peridot..
Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Kyanite..
Rose Quartz, Red Quartz, Red Coral..
Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Gray Moonstone..
Turquoise, Obsidian, Tourmaline..
amazonite, Charoite, Sodalite ..


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Certified Reviews

I think this item is wonderful and very powerful. I feelmuch more peaceful and generally well, since I placed my orgonite Pyramid nextto where I sit most of the day. Works so well I purchased another one that isdifferent.

ㅡ Christa

I adore my tree of life pyramid pyramid. It is so beautiful.I have it resting by my computer to dispel the negative electronic charge. Ialso do a chakra meditation with the pyramid. I believe that it helps bring inpositive energy into my chakra system. It would make a wonderful gift foranyone.

ㅡ Kathy

I am constantly around emf radiation at work so I wasgetting desperate to find something that would help protect me. Never did Ithink this beautiful little pyramid would be of such benefit,

My tinnitus is 85% better in 6 days and my sleep pattern hasgreatly improved and I now sleep uninterrupted almost every night for 8 hours.

ㅡ Doreen

I purchased the orgonite pyramid for emf protection. it is abeautiful piece of high quality work, and am contemplating purchasing more toput in each corner of our room. It is so difficult in the world we live in torid ourselves of electronics, so I guess the next best thing is to minimize theeffects.

ㅡ Paul


I got this pyramid for multiple reasons, but especiallybecause I work in a technology store. I leave work a lot of days feelingdrained, and I have to say being around this thing sure does recharge me. Ihave no EMF reader but I can say I can definitely feel the energy from it.  If you need help sleeping, want a little energyboost when sick, or just in general want to be around good vibes, this is agood buy.

ㅡ k

there's something about this pyramid. It looks nice, buteven better, it feels nice. Not physically feel, but mentally. It has somethingabout it that makes me feel better. when I'm at my desk, I set it by me. Atnight, its on the night stand next to my bed. when I'm in the kitchen, I set iton the counter by me. when I watch tv, its by me. I don't know if its theorgone energy, or the crystals, or the colors, I simply like it by me all thetime.

ㅡ Sophia

Amazing! So I've been concerned quite a bitabout EMF Frequency Radiation emanating from all devices especially the Router.As soon as I placed this attractive pyramid on my desk I could feel thedifference, almost as if I am not being bombarded or attacked from radiation. Iwas somewhat skeptical but my ringing as decreased from the last hour.Needless to say, I am buying more for every room.

Author's name
ㅡ Mason

I've studied a great deal as a health kinesiologist theimportance of EMF protection as well as balancing the energy around oursurroundings. I have a number of different devices I use and I was anxious totry this one as well. I have it in my kitchen because of all the appliances. Ittests better there or me than in my bedroom. Nice well wrapped Packaging. Thankyou!

ㅡ Samantha oh

It’s beautiful. I love it. I could feel the love andpositive energy as soon as I opened it. When I opened it I said “wow. That’sreally pretty” and thought “this comes nice enough to buy as a gift”. Welldone. I’ll be buying from you again.

ㅡ Evelyn